Pink Lily Fall Transition Piece

This Pink Lily Boutique top is so flattering! It is a great fall transition piece that can be worn with jeans and booties, but also with high-waisted jean shorts and sandals. I am wearing a size S. These jeans are American Eagle and were originally full length. I ended up cutting the bottoms and frayingContinue reading “Pink Lily Fall Transition Piece”

Summer Casuals

TGIF…am I right?! The weeks feel long but these months are flying by. How in the world is it already August? Have you done anything fun this month? Gone anywhere? Summer is winding down and we have yet to even take a trip to the beach….so I am jealous if you have! Sharing these casual,Continue reading “Summer Casuals”

Hello Blogging World!

I couldn’t be happier you are here. After years of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram following every fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger there is, I had hoped one day blogging would end up in my future too. With my friend’s and family’s encouragement, I decided to follow my heart and do this thing! I’m a marketingContinue reading “Hello Blogging World!”