Amazon Home Decor

Over the years, Amazon has led me to some of the cutest little decor items. From candles to wreaths, workout equipment and more, check out some of my favorites!


  • This wreath is seriously so cute! It gives that adorable farmhouse feel & complements decor so nicely. I have it hung using this black wreath hanger and I love how they look together!
  • These buffalo plaid pillow covers are so dang cute and perfect decor for fall/winter.
  • We also love our pink pillow covers! We have these in our family room and they pair so well with our gray couch and white pillows. It gives that pop of color to an otherwise pretty neutral space.
  • These mason jar lights are a great decor piece to small spaces. They give a cute farmhouse vibe and are super easy to put together.
  • Super random, but we love this clock ! This serves as an alarm clock but also tells the date, temperature & humidity in the room all while acting as a nightlight where you can dim the light on the screen to your preference. The numbers are super big so it can be read across the room.
  • This Kate Spade tea kettle comes in so many different colors/patterns. It works great and looks great πŸ™‚
  • I purchased this rug to just give a little extra comfort in our bedroom and I seriously love it. It’s so soft!
  • This spice rack is hung in our kitchen and holds so many different spices & bottles. It’s super convenient and I love the black color.


  • If there is one thing you NEED, it is this workout bike! Especially during the colder months and when the weather isn’t so nice to be outside, you can totally get a killer workout done on this bike. I like to follow along to Peloton bike workouts as I am on this and I am seriously sweating by the end. It’s less than $200!
  • I need noise to fall asleep and this noise machine does just that! It comes with so many different sounds, serves as a nightlight if needed and the volume can be adjusted so easily. This is one of my favorite Amazon purchases with amazing reviews. This would be perfect in a baby’s room!

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