Our Engagement Story

What started out as any other typical Saturday, ended up being one of the most special days of my life. All I can say is thank god I had my nails done! I have always loved reading about proposals & weddings, so the fact that I finally got to experience my very own special moment was incredible.

Flashback to August 10th, 2019, we were planning on taking Hershey to the park for a walk. We got there, and Zach insisted we walk him down by the water. For some reason, I refused to go down by the water and wanted to walk him in a quieter area. I was unaware to the fact that Zach had our friends staged with their cameras in perfect spots down by the water to capture the moment. Luckily they saw us walk away from the water and ran to new spots to capture it all. As I saw our friends start walking towards us with a camera, I was so focused on being so confused by seeing them there that I completely missed Zach switching out Hershey’s collar with one that said will you marry me. I could not believe it when I focused back in on him talking to me that this was happening. Of course, I said yes 😊

We had already planned to go to dinner that night, unaware that when we got to dinner, both of our families were waiting in large party room for us to celebrate with us! It was so special to have them there. Little did I know, this would not be the last surprise of the day. After dinner, instead of driving back home, Zach continued driving…and driving…and DRIVING until we ended up back in our parent’s town. We parked and he led me to one of our other favorite restaurants. As I was led up to the back room, it was FILLED with more of our friends and extended family! These people can keep secrets!

It was such a special day for me and surely one I won’t ever forget.

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