My Fitness Routine: Sweating for the Wedding!

My fitness routine these days looks a bit different since COVID started. Being a competitive runner my entire life, after college I was so burnt out from running, my goal was to find a different way to workout that still left me burning calories, made me work hard and was more *fun* than just going for a run. Before COVID, a lot of my workout time was spent at OrangeTheory. I loved the workout, the rotations between lifting, rowing, running/walking/biking. When COVID hit and OT’s had to be closed down, I had to find a way to continue working out while at home. Getting into some sort of a rhythm was hard at first, but learning how to incorporate it into my daily routine has kept me consistent and motivated to reach my goal wedding weight.

I try to vary my workouts each day so I don’t get bored doing the same things. I love working out in the morning but doing it everyday before I leave for work can be exhausting and leave me unmotivated, which is why I try to space out those early mornings workouts to a couple days a week. I enjoy working out when I get home from work as well. It allows me to relieve any stress that built up during the workday and just leaves me feeling accomplished for the end of my day.

While my workouts each day vary, a typical routine looks a little like this…

AM Workout – Easy indoor bike for 30 mins (11-12 miles)
PM Workout – Walk or run (2-3 miles)

PM Workout – Run 2-3 miles + 10 minute arm toning (my favorite is the 10 min arms toning on the Peloton app with Leanne Hainsby!)

AM Workout – Indoor bike for 30 mins (11-12 miles)
PM Workout – 1 mile run + Peloton dance cardio workout

AM Workout – 20 min arms toning (Peloton app)
PM Workout – Indoor bike (typically Peloton bike workout for 1 hour)


AM Workout – 3 mile easy walk

Either an easy morning run, bike, or walk!

Depending upon the day, I don’t always get to do two workouts, or instead of going for a 2 mile run, all I can muster up that day is a 10 minute walk. I have about 5 more pounds to go until I reach my goal wedding weight…9 months early! I try to stay as consistent as possible because I really do feel the best when I stick to it.


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