Hello Blogging World!

I couldn’t be happier you are here.

After years of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram following every fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger there is, I had hoped one day blogging would end up in my future too. With my friend’s and family’s encouragement, I decided to follow my heart and do this thing!

I’m a marketing & sales manager by day, and a major Instagram and blog stalker by night 🙂 I hope my love of fashion, fitness, good food, weddings and everyday life things come through in my posts.

A little about me…
1. I love finding a good sale.
2. I prefer small boutique shopping – Pink Lily is my favorite!
3. I love watching & learning every beauty/hair tutorial out there specifically from @LivingMyBestStyle @cmcoving & @champagneandchanel .
4. I enjoy finding the best workouts that make me word hard but also don’t leave me dreading my next one 🙂
5. I’m obsessed with my dog Hershey.
6. I definitely am a routine girl through and through. I LOVE schedules.
7. I hate surprises…I typically skip to the end of a show and watch the last episode first because I need to know what is going to happen from the start.
8. I love home decor and all things modern, cozy & farmhouse. My favorites are @LauraBeverlin @KristyWicks & @mixandmatchmama !
9. I get to marry my best friend in only 276 days!

Thanks for following along with me 🙂

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